Ross Scrivener

Software Developer

Kelowna, BC, Canada
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Working at the intersection of programming, data & art - I combine my passions to bring new creations to the world... for work and pleasure.

UK born but a citizen of the world. I moved to Canada to explore the great outdoors and continue my passion for software as part of the Vancouver and Okanagan tech scenes.

Personal Skills
- Logical thinker tackling challenges with a “nothing is impossible” attitude
- Passionate and willing to challenge the status quo when necessary
- Successful freelancing history being flexible and adaptable in many roles
- Love to learn and help others learn through 1-on-1 or group training
- Naturally patient and great at helping anyone understand “geek speak”

Technical Skills
- 15 years of full stack web development
- Strong Javascript & Node.js experience - vanilla JS along with Angular and many other frameworks and libraries
- Strong PHP experience - MVC, OOP, frameworks such as Laravel and Wordpress
- Some Python / Go / Java project experience
- SQL / NoSQL Database experience - MySQL, Amazon RDS, MongoDB
- HTML / CSS / LESS / SASS / Git / SVN / Unit Testing / Machine Learning / Systems Programming / Hardware development
- Linux Sysadmin / AWS / Azure / Docker / Deployment Automation
- Digital Marketing / Data analytics / SEO / UX Testing / Paid Advertising